Penggunaan Sequence Words pada Legend Text

penggunaan sequence words

Apa Itu Sequence Words?

Hai sobat RBD. Udah tau belum nih apa itu sequence words? Sequence words atau kata urutan mengindikasikan urutan peristiwa pada cerita. Kata-kata ini terutamanya membantu pembaca memahami urutan peristiwa dalam cerita atau prosedur. Terkadang kata-kata ini juga disebut kata urutan waktu atau kata transisi berurutan.

Seperti kata-kata transisi lainnya, sequence words mencegah penulisan yang terputus-putus. Kata-kata ini mengindikasikan urutan peristiwa atau langkah-langkah sehingga pembaca dapat memahami urutan di mana peristiwa tersebut terjadi atau seharusnya terjadi. Jadi, menggunakan kata urutan akan membantu pembaca mengikuti peristiwa yang diceritakan penulis.

Kata Apa Saja yang Termasuk Sequence Words?

Sequence Words dapat dikelompokkan berdasarkan fungsinya dalam mengindikasikan awal, tengah, interupsi, atau akhir cerita. Coba perhatikan penggunaan sequence words beserta contoh kalimatnya di bawah ini.

1. Awal

To start off with, = Sebagai permulaan, – “To start off with, the village elder talked about the ancestors of this tribe.”
One day, = Suatu hari, – “One day, when Timun Mas is already a teenager, Buto Ijo drops by the old woman’s house asking her to fulfill her promise.”
Once upon a time, = Pada suatu ketika – “Once upon a time in a kingdom under the ocean in pacific, there was a big castle guarded by a coral reef.”

2. Tengah

Then/Next/Later = Kemudian – “The wild cat slept on the grass. Then, a few moment passed, and Ranggawetung realized that it had gone.”
After that = Setelah itu. – “After that, Jaka Linglung greedily ate domestic pets of the palace.”
Meanwhile = Sementara itu – “Meanwhile, a woman from the village of Dadapan found an egg.”
On the following day = Keesokan harinya – “On the following day, Sangkuriang had almost completed building the boat.”

3. Interupsi

Suddenly / All of a sudden = Dengan sangat tiba-tiba – ”Lungguh was sleeping in his house. All of a sudden, the torches went out.”
Without waiting any longer, = Tanpa menunggu lagi, – “Without waiting any longer, Elara appeared before Aiden and his companions in a shimmering cloak of magic.”
In her surprise, = Dalam keterkejutannya, – “In her suprise, a rainbow bridge appeared out of nowhere!”
Just then = Baru saja – “Just then, came a young wise man, by the name of Aji Saka, to fight Dewata Cengkar.”
Immediately = Secepatnya – “He gave a chase and tried to shoot her with his arrow but was immediately stopped by Tumang.”
Unexpectedly = Tanpa disangka-sangka – “The content of the small wooden box is unexpectedly more valuable than that of the bigger one.”
But then = Tapi kemudian – “But then Watu Gunung became so arrogant with his power.”

4. Akhir

Finally/Ultimately/Eventually = Akhirnya – “The true identity of the evil parties is eventually uncovered.”
In the end = Pada akhirnya – “In the end, it doesn’t even matter.”

Nah, begitulah penggunaan sequence words yang umum digunakan pada legend text. Semoga contoh-contohnya bisa bermanfaat buat sobat RBD sekalian yaa. Jangan lupa pantengin terus blog Rumah Belajar Digital buat informasi SNBT dan materi bahasa Inggris terbaru!


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