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Generic Structure of a Legend Text

Hai sobat RBD! Gimana nih, udah paham tentang unsur-unsur teks legend? Bagus! Sekarang saatnya kita lihat contoh teks legend yang berasal dari kerajaan Britania Raya, yaitu legenda tentang King Arthur. Unsur-unsur yang membentuk generic structure dari teks ini di antaranya adalah characterization, setting, plot, orientation, complication, climax, resolution, dan moral.

Contoh Teks Legend: King Arthur


Arthur was born to King Uther Pendragon and Igraine. However, Arthur was raised by the wizard Merlin, as Uther died shortly after his birth. With Merlin’s guidance, Arthur grew up unaware of his royal heritage.

One day, a sword known as Excalibur appeared embedded in a stone, with an inscription that proclaimed whoever pulled the sword from the stone would be the true king of Britain. Many tried and failed, but Arthur effortlessly pulled the sword from the stone, revealing his true identity as the rightful heir to the throne.

With Excalibur in hand, Arthur became the king of Britain. He established the Knights of the Round Table, a group of noble and chivalrous knights who vowed to uphold justice and protect the realm. The Round Table represented equality among the knights, as it had no head, symbolizing that all were equal in Arthur’s court.

Another central aspect of the legend is the quest for the Holy Grail, a sacred artifact believed to hold divine power. Arthur and his knights embarked on a quest to find the Grail, which tested their virtues and character.

King Arthur later married Queen Guinevere. However, his closest friend and most trusted knight, Sir Lancelot, fell in love with Guinevere, leading to a tragic love triangle that ultimately contributed to the downfall of Camelot.

As Arthur’s reign flourished, he faced various challenges, including battles against invaders and internal conflicts. In the Battle of Camlan, Arthur confronted his traitorous nephew Mordred, resulting in a fierce battle. The battle ended with Arthur mortally wounded, and he was carried to the mystical island of Avalon for his wounds to be healed. Some versions of the story suggest that Arthur will one day return in Britain’s time of need.

Elements and Generic Structure

Gimana? Seru kan ceritanya? Sekarang coba kita break down unsur dan generic structure apa aja yang bisa kita temukan berdasarkan legend ini menggunakan bahasa Inggris.

A. Characterization

King Arthur: a wise and just leader, chosen by fate to wield the sword Excalibur and unite the kingdom.
Modred: a traitorous nephew who fights Arthur in the battle of Camlan.
Guinevere: Arthur’s queen and a symbol of love and loyalty.
Sir Lancelot: a noble knight with great strength and loyalty, but also flaws that lead to conflict.

B. Setting

The legend of King Arthur starts in medieval Britain, with the story taking place in castles, forests, and mythical locations like Avalon.

C. Plot

  • Arthur pulls the sword Excalibur from the stone, revealing his destiny as king.
  • He establishes the Knights of the Round Table and creates a peaceful and just kingdom.
  • The search for the Holy Grail becomes a quest for spiritual fulfillment.
  • The love triangle between Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot creates conflict.
  • The betrayal of Mordred and the Battle of Camlan lead to Arthur’s downfall.

D. Moral

The moral of the King Arthur legend emphasizes the values of honor, loyalty, chivalry, and the consequences of betrayal. It portrays the idea that even great leaders are not exempt from human flaws and challenges.

contoh teks legend
Generic Structure
contoh teks legend
Generic stucture contoh teks legend: King Arthur

Akhirnya, itulah generic structure dari contoh teks legend King Arthur. Semoga dengan tau generic structure-nya, bisa memudahkan sobat RBD dalam mengidentifikasi atau menulis teks legend, ya! Ikuti terus artikel blog Rumah Belajar Digital buat update materi bahasa Inggris, ya. Sampai jumpa di artikel berikutnya!


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